Much of the estimating and purchasing Bob did working for a general contractor in the past was for commercial buildings. Bestimate LLC designs more commercial buildings than residential and/or agricultural buildings. Bestimate LLC has designed commercial buildings for manufacturing, offices, retail, auto, ATV and boat repair, including submittal of the plans with structural and energy calculations for state approval. Bestimate LLC also designs commercial buildings for counties, townships, and cities that include building design, submittal of building plans with structural and energy calculations for state approval, and also Bidding Documents, writing the Invitation to Bid, General Requirements, Building Specifications, and Mechanical Design Bid specifications, helping clients to clarify the bids, and manage the projects.

In early 2018, Clark County Forestry and Parks hired Bestimate LLC to do a preliminary design for a 130’ wide x 200’ plus post frame barn for beef, hog and sheep pens, an approximately 80’ square show and sales ring, and wash racks for fund raising. The board did not want a steel frame building because most agricultural buildings were post frame, and I was asked if the building could be 130’ wide if it is postframe construction. I answered with a question, whether there could be interior rows of columns, which was OK because the post were aligned with the rows of stalls. I designed a steel frame for the show ring with one steel column in the center to clear about 80’ square area for bleachers, show pens, judges and auctioneers area. Bestimate LLC submitted the building plan for state approval, which Clark County received in December 2019. Clark county and Bestimate LLC worked together on bidding document plans and specifications during early 2020, so bids were received in March. RZ Builders, Loyal WI was low qualified bid on the Building and Concrete. Excavation began in August 2020, so that footings, walls, piers and floors were poured by early November 2020. Building construction began in March 2021, beginning with the steel frame designed for the show ring, and wood framing through April and May, and exterior steel siding was installed, as the electrical, plumbing, ventilation, fire sprinkler system, service doors, overhead doors and operators became available and were installed. All of this was hampered by huge price increases and lead times caused by Covid. Still, by July, the Building was finishing, and Clark county personnel were setting up for the Clark County Fair which ran August 11-15, 2021, using the new building for the first time.

Bestimate LLC designed a new office building for Superior Gas Services in Marshfield to replace the original concrete building in a limited space. The new building was constructed behind the old building so business could continue, moving into the new building, then remove the old one. The ladies like their beautifully finished new office very much, because it is warm, energy efficient, and a nice environment for employees and their customers.

Bestimate LLC helped the Town of Rome, Wisc., design their proposed Police and EMS building that looks great and is functional. Bestimate LLC submitted the building state approval including structural and energy calculations, working with Larson Engineering, and wrote the Bidding Documents. The building provides much larger facilities for the police department with storage, and room for the new Rome EMS department, including sleeping rooms, shower rooms, and kitchen, besides handicapped restrooms. The building has upgraded finishes inside and out.

The City of Loyal, Wisc., hired Bestimate LLC to design their proposed Police garage addition to the Loyal City Hall. Bestimate LLC submitted the building state approval including structural and energy calculations, working Larson Engineering, and wrote the Bidding Documents. This was the third time the addition went out for bids, but this time with economical ladderframe construction the building bids were in budget, so police cars no longer have to be outdoors in bad weather.

Argonne Lumber recommended Bestimate LLC to Forest County, Wisc. to design their proposed ladder frame commercial brine shed, submit the building state approved including structural and energy calculations, working with Larson Engineering, and write Bidding Documents. This nice-looking building is across from their county maintenance equipment buildings east of Crandon. The white steel lined room is shop and equipment storage. The brine making and storing room has white PVC walls and ceiling due to the brine tanks and stainless-steel brine making machine.

On this project, Bestimate LLC’s task was to draw an “as built” floor plan, foundation plan, elevations, and cross section plans, with energy and structural calculations, to submit the building for Wisconsin state approval, with licensed engineer Steve Kaiser completing the structural engineering, checking, and stamping the plans. The first four exterior pictures show an attractive rural building to run a small business like Tim Sternitzky, The Maple Dude, does in this building. The 1st and 2nd pictures on the second row show the rustic store where the Maple Dude processes and sells wonderful maple syrup, and the equipment to process syrup, along with maple cookies and candy, buffalo meat, and various other delicious goodies. The last two pictures in the second row show the back room where syrup is processed in the big stainless-steel cooker, with storage for syrup and processing and collecting equipment.
In 2019 Bestimate LLC drew the plans for state approval for a storage addition to the original building. The bottom 4 pictures show the new addition that provides cold storage so the Maple Dude has more space to expand production.

In 2016, Bestimate LLC was hired by the City of Marshfield Recreation Department to begin preliminary plans for the new Wildwood Zoo Maintenance Building that would give zoo personnel a single building to store and prepare food and medicine for the animals, garage space for vehicles, and a shop. The second floor is office space with big windows overlooking much of the zoo. Bestimate LLC worked with the Recreation Department, as MSA Professional Services planned the site, and Comfort Systems designed the Heating and Ventilation to complete bidding documents distributed in early 2017. Construction began in spring of 2017, per the plans below. By fall, Zoo maintenance personnel moved into their new facility. The first three pictures show the attractive exterior, similar to the Wildwood Pavilion. Two pictures show the stainless-steel counters in the kitchen with large sinks to clean up the food containers, PVC walls and ceiling panels, and an epoxy floor for easy cleaning. The shop picture is cluttered with workbenches, tools, and maintenance work in progress. There is also a small room specially equipped to contain sick animals for treatment or that need to be isolated or watched. The last two pictures are the nice conference room upstairs with a view of the zoo.

Bestimate LLC drew plans for a concession building for Tom Gabriel that became Papa Bear’s Mini Golf in the Town of Rome on Hwy 13 south of Wisconsin Rapids. The mini golf course is awesome, see the pictures. Inside the building are games, snacks and tasty goodies. Have fun!

Jack Hackman Field has a large baseball field with sheltered stands, which have the perfect view, and a large indoor concessions area. Next to this field are three little league baseball fields, and there is a centrally located restroom facility. The City of Marshfield hired Bestimate LLC to draw plans for a storage facility with matching split faced block walls, green metal trim and shingled roof, and green service doors and rollup doors to accommodate riding lawnmowers, fertilizer, hoses, and similar maintenance material. The plan and specification went out for bids and the pictures show the concrete ready for construction, the interior and various views of the completed building exterior.

Argonne Lumber does a great job providing building materials all over northern Wisconsin from their Argonne, Wisc. and Rhinelander, Wisc. home centers. Bestimate LLC was hired to draw the state approved plan for a lumber storage for the Rhinelander home center. A fabricator provided the steel racking while Bestimate LLC drew the Plot plan, Floor and Foundation plan, Elevations, and Cross Section plans, and licensed engineer Steve Kaiser completed the structural engineering, checking and stamping the plans for Wisconsin state approval. The building was full of lumber arriving as soon as the contractor had the racking up, for an excellent home center to keep plenty of materials shipping to busy northern builders.

Bestimate LLC drew plans for B-Side Storage in Auburndale, a mini storage building built by Greg Weinfurter, owner of Weinfurter Construction for state approval. Bestimate LLC can submit buildings that are under 50,000 cu.ft. without hiring an engineer to check and stamp the plans. The state approved plan included a Plot plan, floor plan, foundation plan, Cross Section, and Details, and Bestimate LLC submitted structural calculations done in Strucalc, saving the engineers fee for the owner.

Faber Construction built this 66’ x126’ x 16’ tall ladderframe shop and storage for his own equipment and materials, designed by Bestimate LLC with floor plan, foundation plan, elevations, cross section, and plot plans, with energy and structural calculations per IBC code. The 28’ x 38’ office building in front was designed by others, with concrete and structural by Bestimate LLC. The exterior pictures show a very attractive office and shop.

Bestimate LLC took pictures of Cranberry Country Market, an Amish grocery store on the corner of Hwy 21 and 173, built by Ace Construction from Marshfield, Wis. As you can see, the exterior is very attractive, as is the interior nicely finished. It is a state approved, commercial wood ladder frame building system that we have utilized for many kinds of commercial, residential, and agricultural use, that is easily insulated to be very energy efficient.

Bestimate LLC drew plans for two mini storage buildings for Dave Brandner, owner of Quality Realty, on the east side of Hwy 13 south of Medford, with state approval. One mini storage has a tall section with a large door where Dave and his son can service the U-Haul trailers they rent out. The remainder of that building and the other building are 10’ x 20’ standard mini storage rentals.

Bestimate LLC drew the state approved plan for Rodney Feltz south of Marshfield on Hwy 13, for this very attractive commercial ladder frame building addition to an existing garage. It is beautifully finished inside with an office and restroom, and well insulated to heat easily, as all new construction should be.

Early in 2015, DuWayne Mews, owner of Financial Strategies of Wisconsin LLC, called Bestimate LLC to look at an existing dairy lab building he purchased to design the remodel project for his new business offices. Under the snow in the before picture was a plain building exterior that with Bestimate LLC’s design and contractor Art Young’s workmanship became very attractive, with new stone and lap siding, windows and doors, and with handicapped accessibility. As you walk in the front door, the Financial Strategies Logo on the wall welcomes you into the reception area and comfortable waiting room, down the hall past the new conference room, new handicapped accessible men’s and women’s restrooms to Duane and son Mark’s offices, including a kitchenette and extra offices, all very nicely finished. Thank you old friend Bill Ploeckelman, owner of B&I Lumber for recommending Bestimate LLC for the design work on this transformative remodel.

Bestimate LLC worked with old friend Gary Korpela P.E. to help one of his Automated Products Inc. roof truss customers, Argonne Lumber, Argonne, Wis. with state approval for Northern Motor Sports in Laona, Wis. Inside and out the building is nicely finished, with a neat, attractive woodsy showroom, a clean, bright workbench and repair shop area, and parts storage upstairs.

Argonne Lumber, Argonne, Wisc. recommended Bestimate LLC to NailRite Contracting, Eagle River, Wis. to draw construction and state approval plans with structural and energy calculations working with Jim Halverson P.E for Boat Sport Marina’s new boat repair shop. Another clean, bright repair shop area.

Bestimate LLC drew plans for Seehafer Farm Creamery on Hwy 97 north of Marshfield and state-approved the building, housing the very nicely finished and decorated new retail dairy store where Seehafers pasteurize and bottle fresh milk from the milking parlor behind the store, as well as sell meat from the farm, locally-made cheese, and similar products. Thank you, Ken & Karen Seehafer, owners of Seehafer Acres Inc. for using Bestimate LLC for your design, and Bill Ploeckelman, owner of B&I Lumber for recommending Bestimate LLC. Good job Len, owner of Carpentry Plus, for the excellent workmanship inside and out.

When Seehafer Refrigeration, Marshfield, Wisconsin needed a new wood ladderframe insulated heated warehouse for dairy products and service vehicles with a loading dock, B&I Lumber recommended Bestimate LLC to draw the plan with structural and energy calculations, working with Halverson Engineering LLC.

One of the last jobs I did with my old friend Doug O’Donnell was for Humberto and Anastasia Cano planning the renovation of an old masonry and steelframe building into Supermarket La Central. Bestimate LLC started with a “blank sheet” CAD drawing, measuring and drawing the existing building “as built” plan for a base to know what was there to design the new interior and exterior. Doing this involved many trips, taking pictures, ladders, measuring all inside and out, including the basement. Marshfield Building Inspector Dick Pokorny looked at the building and “as built” building plan and helped to decide how exiting and restrooms could be designed per IBC code. I drew a preliminary plan that had the exterior south western look stucco walls with arches and “clay tile” steel roof panel, very similar in appearance to the pictures, an immense difference from the existing. Listening to Humberto and Anastasia’s wants and needs, an interior floor plan was drawn and evolved through several stages, to be a restaurant and grocery, with a numbered list of what to remove and replace to remodel, insulate, weatherproof, and finish the building inside and out, resulting in a building permit. The pictures show the restaurant turned out a little different than the plan, evolving during construction to be larger than the grocery, and beautifully finished. Driving by at mealtime the lot is full because the authentic Mexican food is delicious.

O’Donnell Engineering Associates was an expert on theater construction, having state approved buildings and additions all over the upper Midwest with more than 100 screens. In May 2010 O’Donnell Engineering Associates had Bestimate LLC in their office to update the Rogers Cinema #7 plan in Stevens Point but due to 2010 economics, it was not built. In July 2013, Doug O’Donnell had me update the plan again, and we did submit the state approved plan for Rogers Cinema #7 in Stevens Point by the end of 2013. In early 2014 Rogers Cinema #7 in Stevens Point needed the building resubmitted 40′ tall to accommodate the latest tall screen for its width to keep up with theater competition. Doug O’Donnell passed away in July 2013 at age 87, so I resubmitted the building working with Halverson Engineering. A cold snowy winter held up construction but it is enclosed and inside finish is in progress so that the screen is operational.

Gilman Funeral Home, Gilman Wisconsin, one of three owned by Plombon Funeral Home, is a converted residence with additions, and was too small, seating about 50-60, not enough for some funerals. We added a beautiful cathedral ceiling chapel seating 50-60 more, while maintaining the existing seating capability to seat almost 100 with no problem. Bestimate LLC designed new roof framing over the existing roof to eliminate some too flat areas that leaked and blend the new roof nicely together with the existing. Interior and exterior new and old were matched so that you can hardly tell what is new and what is existing, by Contractor Joe Spath’s workmanship.

Pineview Auto, Hwy 13 South in Marshfield, state-approved plan by Bestimate LLC in partnership with O’Donnell Engineering Associates. Project management by Bestimate LLC, helping the owner gather and select bids. Opened for business in early September 2013.

Tire Town Auto LLC, Hwy 13 South in Marshfield, is a state approved ladderframe commercial service garage where tires are sold, mounted, changed, and repaired in a clean, light, energy efficient building.

Zimmerman Bros. unheated storage garage is a typical studframe example with a few modifications for commercial use.

When Dick Hebert, the owner of Abares Outer Limits in Marshfield wanted to add to his bar and restaurant with a smoking room per evolving rules, Bestimate LLC drew his state approved plan in one of our first partnerships with O’Donnell Engineering Associates.

New Garage for Town of Preston, Adams County Wisconsin, June- November 2011. Bestimate LLC sold the building & assisted with project management for M.P.B. Builders, Ripon WI who was the general contractor. Bestimate LLC drew the state approved plans with structural and energy calculations, with O’Donnell Engineering Associates.

New boat repair building for State Central Boat Yard, Friendship, Wisc., May- August 2011. Bestimate LLC sold & assisted with project management for M.P.B. Builders, of Ripon, who was the building contractor.

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