As first Bestimate LLC client, M.P.B. Builders, Inc. announced its new Star Building Systems buildership in February 2013, Bob attended Star Building Systems’ Basic Builder School again as a consultant to M.P.B., renewing a longtime relationship with Star Building Systems. M.P.B. and any steel building clients will be able to use Bestimate LLC’s freelance construction specialist experience in all aspects of the construction industry, enhanced by attending Star Building Systems’ Basic Builder School held the week of May 20-23rd, 2013, to better plan and build steelframe buildings.

At the end of the seminar, each student received a Certificate of Completion plaque at the Award Banquet. Pictures below include Star Building Systems’ Basic Builder School class of 1987, Bob being congratulated by Star’s Vice President of Sales, John Negich, Negich with “students” from M.P.B., and the Basic Builder School class of 2013.

Star Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of custom metal buildings with headquarters in Oklahoma City and numerous manufacturing facilities across the country. Founded in 1927, Star is celebrating its 86th anniversary.

Preparing for future business in this building, Bestimate LLC drew an “as built” floor plan, foundation plan, elevations, cross section, and plot plan, with energy and structural calculations, to submit the building, with licensed engineer Steve Kaiser completing the structural engineering, checking and stamping the plans for Wisconsin state approval.

See the first four exterior pictures of a typical steelframe building and the exceptionally well insulated white steel lined interior of the building ready to be a future commercial auto repair, and one picture of the future wood frame parts room with deck above.

See the before and after picture of the new store front Bestimate LLC designed for Klingbeil Lumber Co. in Medford to change their store image from an Ace Hardware with Lumber to a full-service Home Center with hardware that they really are. The owner asked for a custom designed entrance similar to one he had seen, but unique to Klingbeil which Bestimate designed and detailed. Evident inside the store the roof leaked badly where the two buildings met, so Bestimate LLC used a parapet wall on the lower building at the taller building eave height to build up the roof to pitch to the back of the store, channeling most of the snow and ice away from the customer entrances, and used a rubber roof by Kulp’s of Stratford, LLC to eliminate the leaks. The result is a new image for Klingbeil Lumber Co. with an attractive storefront and weather tight building.

Working with M.P.B. Builders Inc. this 60×150 steelframe office & manufacturing is scheduled for construction to start in July 2015 as this growing manufacturing equipment manufacturer and installer expands into new markets.

Working with M.P.B. Builders Inc. this 80×150 & 30×120 steelframe state-of-the-art recycling facility is in the financing and permitting stage working on construction start late in 2015.

Bestimate LLC assisted Wanta & Son, Inc. of Hatley, Wisconsin with purchasing the Star steel building, insulation, inside finishes, windows and doors, cooler, etc. for Zastrow The Beer Man, Merrill, Wisconsin, who is, believe it or not, a beer distributor. Bestimate LLC also helped Randy Wanta with the construction plans and project management, April – August 2009.

Working for Merkel Companies, Bestimate LLC successfully bid a Varco Pruden steelframe building in Nov 2009 for the Barnes Ranger Station in Barnes, Wisconsin to house the trucks and trailers with the huge bulldozers used for fighting forest fires, with locker and shower rooms for the fire fighters.

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