After drawing plans for the concrete replacement at the world’s largest round barn, Bestimate LLC donated pictures to Marshfield Historical Society for a temporary display. Click to view full pdf.

Testimonial email received from Dale Paasch, owner of Pineview Auto, 9315 Millcreek Dr., south of Marshfield

Hello Bob,

I’m taking some time to stop and reflect back on the past year and to remember all the effort that went into the process of constructing a new auto repair shop. Thinking back to the planning stage and the time it takes to look at all the options certainly has paid off. As we work in the shop on the daily basis I’m very pleased at the way the floor plan came out and the placement of the various rooms and work stations. I wanted to say thanks Bob for all the help and ideas you gave on this project. Your experience with design and estimating was a big help and also made it easier for me to make a decision being better informed on the options. I really enjoyed working with you and I didn’t feel stressed as one could be with a project like this. As you know I’m not a contractor with years of experience but feel we accomplished a building that looks like it was built by the pros. Thank again Bob! Please stop in when you can for a visit.

Take care,

A wonderful testimonial letter from our satisfied clients at Faith Fellowship, 217 W McMillan Street in Marshfield. Thank you for allowing us to do business with you. Click to view full pdf.

A letter of thanks from Immanuel Lutheran Church, 7735 Yellowstone Drive in Hewitt. As a member of the congregation, all time was donated by Bestimate LLC. Click to view full pdf.

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