First, Thank You God for Your guiding hand as Jenni and I worked together to build Bestimate LLC for TEN YEARS, for Your guiding hand that turned the 102 paper resumes I sent out when there were no construction-related jobs into advertising for freelance work that I accepted, that led to Bestimate LLC.

Thank you Jenni Lewerenz, without whose love and support when I came home jobless in early 2009, there would be no Bestimate LLC, and for the support that also includes diligent accounting, in-house IT work, and website management, that allows me to spend most of my work time on client’s plans.

Thank you Michael Meyer for building our website, Bestimatellc.com, and solving our IT problems when I messed up so that even Jenni couldn’t solve it, and for helping to update and improve our business.

Bestimate LLC was in business 2-1/2 years before I started numbering projects, which is up to #364, so it is safe to say that Bestimate LLC has worked for over 400 clients. THANK YOU ALL for trusting us with your projects, especially the earliest clients that gave us work in the early years that got us going: old friend Leo Souder, owner of MPB Builders Inc. in Ripon was first and gave us the idea to work freelance, then Randy Wanta of Wanta & Sons near Hatley. Soon The Boson Company Inc. and the Merkel Company, Inc., my old friend and mentor Doug O’Donnell who hired Bestimate LLC to do CAD drafting for O’Donnell Engineering, ProBuild in Greenwood, Menards in Marshfield, whose projects and/or referrals got us through the first couple years as Jenni and I built Bestimate LLC.

Bestimate is fun, interesting “work”, and fun, so as I approach my 69th birthday, I am backing off to average 25 hours per week, but have no interest in retiring, looking forward to our eleventh year as I work on more interesting projects, that you will soon see on the Projects Page soon to be updated with 2019 projects Bestimate LLC worked on; who, where, and what.

In 2019, Bestimate LLC is overseeing construction of the new Police and EMS building and remodeled steel building façade to match planned last year for the Town of Rome in Adams county; has revised CAD designs for: an engineer stamped freestall barn and manure tank again and again to design to NRCS standards with fiberglass reinforcing bar design in lieu of steel rebar; another freestall barn addition design; an upscale shop and storage with Starwood rafters; a stair remodel design; several very nice new homes, additions and remodeling plans; drew plans and state approved a large mini storage; worked on a “bardominium”; drew preliminary plans for a new home center and warehouse in Rhinelander; multiple lake and hunting cabin plans; a commercial warehouse addition; drew plans and state approved a remodeled town hall with addition; measured and drew an “as-built” plan for a large children’s hospital to remodel a duplex to expand their work in a small town.

* Bestimate LLC began offering freelance assistance for commercial and agricultural building contractors on August 3, 2009, but by early 2010 began computer aided drafting (CAD) drawing for commercial projects, working for clients professional engineers and contractors, using my past experience drawing commercial and non-commercial buildings on computer, including structural and energy calculations. By 2011, as residential retailers and homeowners needed house plans, with my home-center roots and experience, we began to do residential plans for new homes and complex remodel and addition. Past experience in big, complex agricultural buildings brings Bestimate LLC some special agricultural plans to draw, featuring robotic milking and feeding.

* I draw on my MSI GT70 laptop computer with Intel® Core™ i7-4800MQ processor with 2.7GHz quad core processor speed and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M graphics to run Windows 7, AutoCad LT 2016 drafting program Strucalc 10.0 structural engineering program used to size concrete footings, columns, beams and joists in wood or steel, and WoodWorks Sizer, a structural engineering program for wood by the American Wood Council. Our home office is also equipped with a new HP Design Jet T120 Wide Format Printer and Epson Workforce printer w/ 11×17 capability. I use BlueBeam Revu, Microsoft Office 2007 and Project, if you need help with computerized budgets, or scheduling.

Bestimate LLC has over 40 years of experience in building construction and offers:
*Commercial, residential, and agricultural drafting in AutoCad and sizing of components.
*Commercial, church, residential, and agricultural construction project management and consulting: management and budgets.

Our Mission: We will assist construction clients who need drafting, planning, and project management support using my experience and expertise to assist with a high degree of professionalism.

Bestimate LLC | Bob & Jenni Lewerenz | 714 E 9th St | Marshfield WI 54449 | 715-506-0040 | bob@bestimatellc.com